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Friday, May 16, 2014

I Am a Random Trivia Generator!

So today a friend comments that his Daughter is coming back from New York City from her Senior class trip via rail. I comment "So riding the Crescent eh? It will be late and here is where you can check the status of the trip."

My friend comments that I know way too much about obscure stuff. Not really. The Southern Railroad has made that run for a long time. 

Here is one engine that did it. 

  A long time ago! I need to do this run sometime.



  1. Somebody's gotta know that stuff; might as well be you, eh?

  2. LOL! Yeah, It might as well be me since I have this drawing on a wall in my house =)

  3. If that was the train you rode, you're a 'few' years older than I though... LOL

  4. A friend of mine has a caboose. A bunch of folks rent an engine and go on trips around New England--New Hampshire mostly. It's a lot of fun! :-)

  5. You might find this to be interesting... :

  6. When my marriage broke up I took the Crescent from Philadelphia to Charlotte where my family was living, been here ever since.

    1. Glad you are here, so when are you coming to the range and shoot?

  7. When I have some spare money. Had to buy a new lawnmower this past payday, have to buy tires for the car on the next one.

  8. Real technology!
    If steam engines and gas light were good enough for Sherlock Holmes it's good enough for us!

  9. You can never know too much obscure stuff. It's much better than knowing about other things, such as today's "pop culture".