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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Revolvers! (And other stuff)

So my friend wanders by and redeems himself as the former master of misfit Handguns and whips these out:

A Smith and Wesson Model 625 JM in .45ACP and a Ruger Single Ten in .22LR.

Well, guess what? Dang it! I love the 625! Shoots very nicely. 

Here are 12 rounds (double and single action) with it and 8 rounds through a STI 1911 not pictured today from 7 to 10 yds. 

I have a saying that "It is not the arrow, it's the Indian" when holes don't show up where you want them, but guess what? It's awesome when you have a great arrow =)! 

I would go get one but off to CMP class next month and pick up another Garand. Sigh... SO many guns, so little money!




  1. Nice shooting indeed. Maybe a little of the JM magic rubbed off on you from holding the JM variant.

  2. I have two S&W .45ACP wheelies. Both are very accurate, and are my favorite revolvers to shoot.

  3. Nice. I'd have a 625 in a hot second if it wasn't for all that money I'm pouring down the 3 Gun drain.

    I need a new hobby.

  4. Man, thats pretty! You have good taste in guns, .45acp revolvers are fun to shoot! I still take my 1917 S&W Brazilian contract out every now and again to make some noise, just a gentle bounce and a small bark.

  5. Yep, I think those are 'shooters'... :-) And yeah WAY too many guns and not nearly enough money... sigh