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Friday, April 12, 2013

Well I DO live in the South!

I love the lady that comes and cleans my house.  Married and Mother of two young children and I hate to say it but one of such exuberance I can only tolerate it in small doses.
She's "perky" to the roof. 

Oh yeah, back to living in the South. If you come into humble abode there is nothing to scream "gunnie" in the common areas most guests of short acquaintance would note.

I have a "no live ammunition" rule for classroom instruction. This creates a problem for me as I am constantly getting ammo out of the range bag or stuffing it back in. So instead of sticking the ammo in a secure area like so:

I end up sticking it on a bedroom dresser of late. I also have to clear my carry handguns as well. 

Yes, that is stuffed "Nipper and Chipper" mascots for the RCA company well, back when they were RCA

Oh yeah, back to my point. When my cleaning lady is confronted with this kind of stuff she simply picks it up and dusts the dresser. I love it! 


  1. She's a keeper.
    You never know, she may "carry".
    Back in the day, my parent's housekeeper carried an ice pick in her purse. She didn't cotten to guns, but she wasn't about to be a victim.

    1. "cotten to" Well there you go. I have not heard that one in years!

  2. Yep, it IS the South, and she probably DOES carry!

  3. Oh what I would give just to have a cleaning lady....
    I bet she feels safe at your house.


    1. Ah, she does just enough to take some of the mundane tasks off of me. Yes she feels safe even though I am not here. She has her keys and alarm codes. That is how much I trust her.