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Friday, April 26, 2013

From The Bench.

Finally the firing pin showed up for the Springfield XD-SA in .40 Cal S&W. It had more problems too. A broken slide stop lever?!?!

Yeah, the bench gets ugly when backed up! 

Here is all that got replaced. 


Firing pin, buffer spring, firing pin indicator, firing pin indicator guide, and slide stop lever. Go to the range tomorrow and test. 

Another one. A Browning BDA-380 that would not go into battery. This one is important as it is Mr. Curmudgeons FAVORITE .380 pistol. 

A nice pistol, but the sights leave a little to be desired! I test fired after new recoil spring and magazine spring today. Looked like this at 10 yards. 


She still will not feed the Winchester white box blunt nose stuff, but works with round ball! 

Back at it tomorrow! Glad to get some stuff off the bench! 


  1. Always loved the way the BDA felt in my hand when I'd try one out back in my Navy years.

  2. I'm very curious to know more about what the cause of issue was with the BDA 380 once you've got her figured out if you don't mind. Thanks.