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Monday, April 15, 2013

Are you taking care of these?

Magazines. They are the number one cause of failure for a semi-auto handgun in my opinion. Most can be rebuilt. Especially important for hard to find ones. 

I do not use traditional solvents and gun oils on them. The Hornady dry lube I use as it does not attract residue from firing. This is an old Browning BDA-380 mag. Now cleaned and with a new +5 power spring it works like new. 


  1. Yep, I clean them about every 5th use. Hold down the spring, pop out the follower, *gently* release the spring, and then inspect and clean them.

  2. Yep. Periodically inspect mine, disassemble and detail clean any that seem to need it, then wipe down all the bodies with RIG rags. I also number them with paint markers so I can weed out any bad feeders. It's a pain, but like you said--bad mags are the root of most firearm problems.

  3. For my commonly used firearms, I buy at least one or two at every gunshow. Clean 'em, lube 'em and put 'em away.

    I too number the ones in use with a paint marker. Helps to weed out the bad ones for repair or replacement.

  4. And I use one of those bottle brush thingys made for specific magazines.
    And number mine, as well.


  5. Springs are ALWAYS the issue... sigh... And too heavy a spring can also cause problems!

  6. I rebuilt my AR and M1A mags a few years ago.
    Also clean and dry lube all my pistol mags. Particularly necessary for my early 20th Century pistols. FIFTY bucks for a .22 mag?