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Friday, April 26, 2013

Godspeed George

The man simply defined Country Music. For decades. His songs were of real life as he struggled with his addictions and whatever else he was fighting. Fortunes made, fortunes lost. Whatever happened he stayed true to what he thought was country music. Many came to him to learn as he became an "elder statesman" to the craft. He was quoted as saying that most of the people in Nashville don't even know him in his later years.

So for tonight I spun up this. 

I had to find a 45 adapter to run it on the 1958 Zenith G882H, but it came out fine. I'm sure he would approve. 

Godspeed George.  



  1. Yep, for better and worse, he was an icon in the country music world. He truly lived life with NO filters!!! RIP sir!

  2. Aw. Being on the road, I missed that he'd died. Another great gone.