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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Shhh.... Don't tell anybody!

The Mountain of Geese "Firearm Superstore" did a soft open this week in preparation for its Grand Opening soon. And no, I'm not telling when =).

I scored some training food for the Smith M&P .22LR:


Perfect for new shooters! I can reload everything else, but these are hard to come by right now. 

As a plus they also will feed this:


My first pistol. A Colt Match Target Woodsman. If I had known then what this pistol is worth now I might have not carried it in my back pocket then. On the other hand, I am glad to have the memories and cherish the fact that it is still with me. 



  1. .22LR? Wow - haven't seen any of that for months!

    Good buy, sir.

  2. much of it did you get?

  3. Now that makes me jealous twice. The Match Target, of course, plus the .22.

    Mind mentioning the Stinger price? And how much the Goose had available on the shelves?

    1. The Goose is out of .22LR as of yesterday. Price per box 109.00

  4. Nice score indeed.

    How do you like the M&P 22?

  5. Nice score on the ammo. A good 22 pistol (and rifle) are at the top of my 'need' list.

  6. 22's are really neat to have and shoot, Duke.

    I have the 22LR conversion for my Kimber 45ACP pistol, and a sweet little Marlin Model 60 rifle.

    Now if I could just score a load of 22LR like Keads did, I'd go to the range more often!