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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Tomorrow's Load Out

Tomorrow I have a Husband and Wife team that took the Basic Pistol and Concealed Carry Handgun class last month now looking for personal instruction.  I applaud the fact that after class they realized they needed to know more and become more proficient with the art of running a Handgun. 
Sadly, they are going to get it from me =)

After that? My student from Basic last month.  NFO offered some great tips and she and I have talked and Emailed (the student, not NFO!) .  She says she is leaning toward a revolver.  I have no problem with that!  

The Range has a plethora of rental Handguns.  She has her purchase permit and I thought I would bring some stuff in addition to the range inventory.

I think I will go to the Smith 34-1 Kit gun in .22LR on the bottom first to build confidence and the trigger is well, a S&W revolver one!

After that we shall see how it goes!  The Airweight?  Maybe.  I don't have a Smith Model 10 laying around right now (I am so ashamed), So the Colt Police will fill in. Going to Semi's? The OLD Colt Mustang Pocketlite in .380 might be of some use. 

Wish me luck!   




  1. Sounds like a great weekend in the works - enjoy!!

  2. Thanks for being willing to take the time and assist them! You really need one of the 'new' Colt Mustangs! :-)

  3. And another stray though... Having both Colts AND Smiths is a teaching moment about muscle memory and actually getting revolvers open and replacing spent rounds... :-)

    1. Yeah we went through that. Thanks for the advise Sir!

  4. Having been raised on revolvers, I will ALWAYS like them more than semi-autos. And yes, I carry a 1911 every day. But in my heart of hearts, I'd rather be toting an S&W 686.

  5. I've been checkin' out the new little Colt Mustangs... have not particular need for one, but then again... I don't have a particular need for half of the guns we have...

    Dann in Ohio

  6. A revolver just may be my next gun purchase, I'll take a hard look at a colt mustang.