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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

....she had a way with men, a gun to back it up..

So I found a bit of vintage sleaze.  Nothing that would cause a blink of an eye nowadays, but considered rather salacious back in the day. Oh, with a twist. 

When I stumbled upon this I immediately thought of some bloggers. Yes they have a way with people and I dare say many have more guns than I. It's not the guns that back up their way however, its the passion and diverse prose with which they tell their stories here in this medium.  I will not name names, I am sure you all know them. Two are Blog mothers to me.

So where did I get this paperback cover? 

It is not as it seems.  Mala Mastroberte is a contemporary  artist that attempts to recreate the paperback and magazine covers in the classic "pin-up"style. The amazing thing here is she does it all. Photos, art, makeup, everything.  More information is here at the Vintage Sleaze Website.  She also has Flickr pages as well. Check this out from her Flickr site and see how well she did with a paperback cover.  



  1. I always loved this era. I think I was born a few decades too late. I'm definitely a Maltese Falcon kind of dame. Great site, thanks for sharing. ;-)