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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Any Cisco Gear Heads Out Here?

So I have been putzing with one of these off and on all week:

With no luck I might add. 

I have discovered that under the hood, this really is a Cisco IS3000 Layer 3 switch.  All I want it to do is route between two networks on separate VLAN's.  The old network is on copper at interface F1/4, the new network is at and on Fiber interface G1/1. 

My old Cisco CCNA from 2002 has proven to be insufficient to the task so far and my old Jedi tricks are equally useless. 

I created a VLAN interface for the new network and gave it an address. Issued the command "ip route". I also gave it an address in the existing VLAN. I would pay real money if someone could help out here!  It's not like I WANT to call the happy smiling people at AB tech support! 

Drop me an email if you can help! I will respond with more than average pecuniary remuneration!    


  1. You might check if there's a 'management-vlan' setting. I know it's applicable to HP Procurve switches, but routing doesn't work if one of your networks is on the management VLAN (usually VLAN 1) for security reasons.

    Basically you need a management VLAN with an IP (which will be inaccessible via routing) and two other VLANs (for your two networks) which will work with routing.

    1. Sir, send me an email, that was part of the problem! The other parts were that Cisco and Allen Bradley tools were BOTH required to tell the thing what it needed to know and finally I only do this stuff oh, about every decade or so.

      Thanks a bunch!

  2. That makes about as much sense to me as the following conversation...

    Spock: Our spectro-readings showed no contamination, no unusual elements present.

    Scotty: At least none your tricorders could register.

    Spock: Instruments register only those things they're designed to register. Space still contains infinite unknowns.

    McCoy: We're doing everything that's possible!

    Kirk: Bones I want the impossible checked out too!

    Dann in Ohio

    1. LOL! Thanks Dann. Sorry about this. I will have something of more interest up soon!