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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Overheard in the the Garage

So after what appears to be a total fuel system contamination on the 1966 Mustang for the first time in over 20 years she was moved not under her own power today for some therapy. 

A friend made a rare visit and wanted to ride in the 2013 Mustang. I obliged and since I took the cover off of the new one it was most expedient to put her in the empty spot in the garage next to the 1971 Mustang (the car, not the friend). When I wandered by the garage door from the kitchen I think I overheard this:

1971 (Mary): Who the H**L are you and where is my sister? 

2013 (Alice): My name is Alice and I am a new member of the Family. Your older sister is at the doctors and our driver thought it would be ok for me to sleep with you tonight. We did have company tonight you know. 

Mary: Yes I know.  She always checks on me when she comes by.  I don't know about you here!  PFFFT, kids these days with the anti lock brakes, traction control, fuel injection, cruise control. Your rims are bigger than my tires! You don't even have a spare tire!

Alice: Oh come on. Let me stay here tonight. Your sister will be back soon, but I'm your sister too. See the family resemblance? I have a honeycomb front grill just like you, see?


Alice: And I have a Pony up there just like you

Mary: Yours is so big it is almost trashy you floozey!

Alice: 1971's that were not Mach I's had one almost as big as mine. So there.

Mary: Well, if our driver says so. I await your stories. Where you have gone, who has been with you. I guarantee that my stories are much more interesting.  I have been up and down the east coast.  I have had small children sleep in the floorboard and use the seat as a pillow.  I have been full of young people at a drive-in and experinced the gymnastics of the passion of youth.  I have been to the brink of the laws of physics many times.  I have brought people together and I have always got them home safely. I will entertain young stories for a while.

You have won the lottery joining this family. You take care of him he will take care of you. Both of us were pronounced dead and he brought us back. Besides, I will still turn more heads on the road than you!

Alice: Maybe so. Good night sister! 

Mary: Good night.