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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Colt Defender AAR

Well, considering the range was somewhat of a three ring circus today I was glad to get some rounds downrange with the new Colt

How did it go? Well with a pistol with a 3" barrel and an Aluminum receiver with the total system weighing 24 ounces or about 1.5 pounds, it was sorta uh, interesting shooting the .45 ACP cartridge. 

The only advice I have is to really figure out where to grab the pistol. It looks and feels like a traditional 1911, but it is not when you pull the trigger. I ended up with this after 50 rounds. 

I will admit I have small hands for a guy, but even with the stock honking huge Houge grips, you need to figure out where your hands go and hang on! The slide stop and safety lever will beat you up if you are used to a full steel Government Model unless you figure the grip out. 

So how did it do?  As expected from the Blue Dome. The trigger is smooth with a glass like break. The Novak sights were great. It has a lowered and flared ejection port and a upswept beavertail grip safety.

It took me some time to figure it out, but I think the Colt and I are getting there. From 7 yards. 


You will not win a Camp Perry match with it, but after no failure to feed or fire today I will run another couple hundred rounds through it. I will carry it and trust my life to it. It will be a perfect summer carry item.  I have already contacted T. Michael Hast over at the holster site to make me an OWB and IWB holster

And if I get a lane open tomorrow, we will shoot some more! 


  1. Sweet! Those targets look pretty dang good. Remind me to be polite to you :)

    1. Thanks Six, I don't think they look that hot, but for this first time out I'll take it!

  2. IF that was the first outing, you're gonna REALLY like it once you get comfortable with it! Nice Shootin!!!

  3. I've driven by Clark Bros. gun shop and range four times in the last two weeks during my work travels. The place has been absolutely packed! On weekdays, no less.

    The new pistol sounds "snappy". Have fun with it.

  4. Hope the thumb doesn't turn more colorful as the days progress. Reminds me of a joke told by a physics prof. regarding a light firearm and a heavy bullet. At what point does the the firearm become the projectile? Enjoy the new Colt!

  5. Owie! ;P

    Have a great New Year's celebration!