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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Problematic at Best!

So after being sucked into the Sirius satellite radio thing after a trial subscription on the new ride I thought I could leverage it by shoving it from online PC to the PS3. No joy. It seems that the tech people at Sirius do not want you to do this and broke third party apps written to do so.

So I get one of these as it might have some value if I can move it between autos. It has more if I can jack it into my home system. Initial testing worked like this:


I was impressed that I could put the magnetic antenna on the Invisible Glass wipes canister and still get a signal from inside the house.  I live in "rural" land.  No terrestrial repeaters here.  Oh yeah, the 12VDC power supply is an old friend. I built it oh, 30 years ago.  Good enough to see if all the new fangled stuff works as I intend it to. 

So I have no remote, it works but I am not stuffing the magnetic antenna on any of the old rides.  Perhaps I can leave it on the dash.  No matter, I listen to the old rides song provided by themselves!  


  1. Put it front/center at the defroster ducts. It won't be perfect, but it should work most of the time.