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Monday, December 17, 2012

A Friend and Garage II

So the 1966 Mustang (Angie) is back from the Doctors.

I think I heard this in the garage tonight: 1971 (Mary), You are back, how are you? I was worried! 

Angie: The ambulance driver was great and I had a good ride to the hospital.  My arteries were clogged, my stomach needed to be pumped. I also had a crimp on my main artery going from my fuel tank to the carb.  They stuck a stint in but driver says he will replace it with a new complete stainless steel line soon. I'm great now! 

I hear you met Alice, I hope you did not give her a hard time. She's young. 

Mary: The only reason you say that is because drivers friend likes you more than me! You got physical way back then with her! Look:


Angie: The only reason she did not do the same picture with you is because you have that Ram Air stuff in the hood and air cleaner. 

Mary: You may be right.  Glad you are back!

Angie: Me too! 

So my friend did come by and she brought thoughtful gifts and our time together was too short as always.  Laughter, conversation, always so easy with her.  I think she comes by to see if I am a good steward of her work on the 1971 and the 1966 Mustangs. 

For my friend Angie (not the car) tonight I leave this little tune.    

Anthropomorphism. Guilty as charged.




  1. Replies
    1. It seems that Angels go where Demons fear to tread on this post Shepard! Thanks for the comment and I see what you did there =)

  2. Nice ride. Gone is the era when you could pose for a picture on the hood of a car without permanently damaging the sheet metal.

    1. Indeed, but I think she was about 90 pounds soaking wet when the pic was taken.

  3. More Mustang pics! More blonde pics!