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Friday, December 28, 2012

Thunderbirds are Go!

Gerry Anderson passed away on December 26th this year.  A talented man that made puppets and Sci-Fi cool way back then. He made the phrase "Thunderbirds are go" a common catchphrase way back then.

I also commented some time ago here about another project he headed.  The TV series UFO.

The intro Youtube clip has died from that post. Here is another

Godspeed Sir. You were a talented person that brought worlds of wonder to me way back when.  Oh, the silver miniskirts count


  1. He was quite adept at 'creating' space operas and he did it without all the CGI today! It might look a little cheeszy now, but back then it was state of the art. I just never could figure out the purple hair though... RIP Sir RIP!

    1. They tried to explain the purple hair. It did not work! Yes, the effects were old school models and dioramas. That is so powerful! Yeah, I can see the wires running stuff on the super duper TV now. DOes not matter though. A talented person.

  2. Ah, purple helmet hair.
    Damn sexy with those silver minis.