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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Just About What I Expected. Sigh....

So I run off to the "MyFordSyncisAwesomeClass" or whatever tonight at the dealership.  "Free drinks, prizes and more"!  If some dude tells me for 5 minutes how he is a nerd but a cool one that owns a "Standard Poodle" (whatever the hell that means) what, the dog does not have air conditioning? WTF?  He met Bill Gates?  I don't care. I know this is not going to go well. 

He fires up a PowerPoint. Lists vocal commands for the system. He hits the part about using the system to stream IHeartRadio and Pandora apps from the phone and looks at the class and says that nobody probably knows what he is talking about.  Dude. I am sporting some grey hair and my other companions in the class are sporting more (or none). But still.  You just lost me there.  How condescending.  So I finally speak up.  I ask him if I must have the app running on the phone before I invoke the verbal command to the system. Now we get some crickets in the background. 

He does say that they are working on an app start feature.  NEVER underestimate your students based on appearance. I have "nerd" degrees older than him.

So one cool tidbit came out though.  I do not have a touch screen on the new ride but can send Google map directions to the ride for voice navigation. I have the Garmin but I thought this was cool.  Lets try it out. 

Well, it seems if you are driving a FORD, this app is useless. So much for that.  I will never be able to get to Pineville Gun Store again.  Sad.  They have a lot of parts and cool stuff and a hoot to deal with.  

To add to my displeasure, while he is EXITING the PowerPoint to fire up a Browser (IE) to demonstrate the browser session (with Mapquest) I am thinking: Dude, did not Bill Gates tell you how to switch between applications with Alt-Tab


I think I previously demonstrated my skill in operating the thing. 

Sigh again.  One plus though.  Back in the day tags were mailed to your house.  I had to pick mine up at the dealership.  Got that out of the way too.  





  1. "I have "nerd" degrees older than him."

    That is just so full of win right there. That should be your catch phrase.

  2. For about two years, I was an evaluation driver for a company that tests cars, among them Fords. Amazing sight, Ford super nerds showing us yokels how to do it. Problem was, they couldn't. Got to love the way engineers think. We billed by miles driven and spent three hours a shift in parking lots screwing around with SYNC.

    This is a continuation of Ford's long term (decades) of adding glitzy content on the cheap. ("Value Added Discount!)

    1. Yeah the drivetrain is pretty awesome, the bling, not so much.

  3. Snerk... You should have TOLD HIM, I have "nerd" degrees older than you... :-)

  4. What Six and Old NFO said.

    I'm old. I LOVE Pandora!

  5. Replies
    1. Meh, its OK, but really?!?!? Buttons work faster.

  6. A standard poodle is the large one. Apparently they're pretty cool dogs (if you can get past the 'do') and are nothing like their mini-sized yappy cousins.