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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Shhh.. You are Soaking in it!

After everyone's great help on the old Enfield wood, I researched more and decided to go the oven cleaner route.  After generally making a mess out of the kitchen sink an old friend tonight brought the "Duh, facepalm moment".  She simply suggested I use the guest bathroom tub for this. 

Uh, yeah. That works much better! To add insult to injury on my increasingly failing mental facilities she commented on the Magnum 500 wheels I got out of a junk yard oh, 25+ years ago and said I used the ONLY bathtub then for those. 

And then proceeded to mask them out and spray bomb the flat black.  In the kitchen. 

I will let you know how this comes out! 


  1. WoW!
    REAL Magnum 500's!


    1. Dude, the stuff that came off of that car was pure gold! Ram Air? Instrumentation pod, etc.? Even more so now. Hell, I think I would do better parting out the cars than selling them whole now if I needed to.

      The junkyard? "Take anything off that car you want for 100 bucks." I took everything that was not welded to the unibody frame. Took me three trips!

    2. HAH! BTDT and got the busted knuckles and scars to prove it.

      I had a good buddy back in Illinois that NEVER needed fuses or bulbs because every time he went to the junk yard he filled his little tool box with that stuff.

      He'd also buy things like complete instrument clusters that had the optional gauges, and anything else he knew was a 'rare' option.

      He'd also get door panels, consoles, bumpers that were straight, tail lamp and side marker lenses, etc, etc.

      And he scoured the Illinois countryside looking for dealerships that had or were about to close, and buy ALL of their inventory at pennies on the dollar.

      He wound up with a couple of warehouses full of that stuff, and held on to it. He made his first 'killing' when the dot com boom was going, and people were paying insane prices for used but good cleaned up OEM stuff.

      I think he still has a bunch of the rarer stuff left, but I remember him telling me that out of a $50~$60k "investment", he'd made over $500k.

      And people laugh at "The Junkman"!

  2. As long as you don't cross the two up, you'll be okay... :-)

  3. So the Enfield will be shiny, and look good at speed? Groovy. :)

  4. I hope you have pvc drains in your house.

    Good luck with the projects!

  5. What a mess! I hope you clean out those tubs/drains! ;)