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Thursday, October 25, 2012

From the Bench!

A simple field strip and cleaning. Mr. Curmudgeon seems to hand me broken stuff and things to be cleaned. Something I am proud to do for him


The much derided Colt Series 80. This is a Combat Commander in .45 ACP.  There were several reasons to make such an argument. The Series 80 firing pin safety is in my opinion a solution in search of a problem.  I however do not notice the difference in shooting this Colt .45 with older ones. You can remove the firing pin safety if you want. There is a shim from Brownells to take care of it if you choose to do so. I did in one of mine so my comparison is valid.

The second argument was the fact that there was a strike by the UAW at Colt. This handgun was derided as a scab built gun. Know what? This thing has never had a failure to feed or fire. More importantly Mr. Curmudgeon carried it for over 20 years across this land (I mean ALL across it). He didn't have a sleepless night worrying about it not doing what it needed to do if he put his "booger hook on the boom switch". It still does so.
I am glad to have this pistol here right now. I will return it to its owner shortly. 



  1. If old guns could only talk, eh?

  2. It would be interesting to sit and chat with the gent and get the weapon's history - they build such a soul over the years . . . .

    1. If we have the chance I will get the weapons history. They do indeed build as you say.

  3. Yep, good gun, scab built or not!

  4. Detriments aside, that is a handsome shootin iron. :-)