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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Another Day at the Office!

It concerns some mildly disturbed electrons.  After putzing around all day with a "Allen Bradley with Cisco Technology" Network switch here comes this. The City wants to do some work on one of the 5 electrical service entrances to the plant.  This one however powers all of the critical stuff. PBX, AS-400, life safety,, etc.

The City gets to it. 


Secondaries on transformers that supply three phase 208 VAC feed into the facility. As soon as the switches were cut, this kicked in. 


Every time I hear this thing fire up I feel the need to get a new CAT ball cap. It was here when I got here. A nice little 85KW generator. The amp meter is dead, but no worries. I have new instrumentation on the transfer switch. 

So that was my day! I hope y'all had a good one 


  1. Whew....85kW!
    Natural gas or Diesel?

  2. The generator in my building is the same size as yours. There's no mistaking when it fires up.

  3. That old Cat will still be working when we're dead and gone... :-)