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Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Shotgun That STILL Shows Up and Colt Update

In several previous posts on humble Blog I comment on the K-1200 High Standard Shotgun.  Guess what.  It seems the movie industry loves the thing even now.  

That is one from the movie "Resident Evil: Apocalypse" with uh, Milla Jovovich boosting one from a police cruiser. The story of how I got here is a bit strange. I noticed a car at work that had an "Umbrella Corporation" parking sticker on it for Level 3 Hive. I Googled it and found these movies. Fired up Amazon Prime streaming and I am now up to the 4th movie. So far I'm ambivalent about the movies except I need to create a drinking game while watching them (hint, finger of booze when the whatever firearm should have run out of ammo, etc.).

Remember the Colt Official Police?  It had an annoying "throw by" in that after a shot, the cylinder would rotate past the stop locking the revolver up.

It needed one of these.


Bolt spring was toast.  I hope to test this weekend, but a new shooter and CCH class is on the books for this weekend.  Looks like this though:

I will give the little spring a pass as it is over 60 years old. 

Oh, Kathy Jackson has started a Blog and has decided to go full time into firearm training and related areas.  Go check her out here. I consider her my goto resource for female specific issues with firearms.  




  1. If you're watching the RE movies you MUST watch this:

    1. Brooke, I agree with them! Thanks for the link!

  2. My old lady LOVES the whole series of movies.We own them all on DVD.
    I watch them with her...because, Milla.

  3. We gave the one below away at the PATCON. It is the only gun Buds sells that they will take back after it has been transferred. Check out their video at the bottom of this link:
    It is engraved on both sides by CADD Graphics
    Donated by NCPATCON