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Friday, October 19, 2012

Busy Weekend!

First up Mr. Curmudgeon reports the trigger spring has broke on one of his favorite pistols. The Browning High Power .380.  I get to it and order what he needs. 

Tomorrow is new shooter or "Basic Pistol" class. Followed Sunday with State mandated Concealed Carry Class for those that want a permit to do so. 

I stuck Murphy's Law wood for the Enfield into the Easy-Off bath and the result begged for some Linspeed.  I finally got a coat on the wood tonight.  

Better pics later. The wood soaked the stuff up though!  

Tomorrow's load out looks like this:

There are more tools at the range for the students, these are for class except for the M&P. That will be on my hip during class. 

For Concealed Carry class Sunday I have a special show and tell object. The gracious and kind The Trooper's Gal and her partner the Trooper sent me a purse designed for concealed carry.



That is what is so great about this community.  She would take nothing for covering the cost of the item or shipping. The request was to pay it forward.  That meant much and thanks.  She sent the full info on it while I was in Culpeper. I will do so. It did make the cleaning person at the house freak out, so bonus points for that! 

Oh, the new ride?  Well it seems that I am figuring it out. 

"Alice" is indeed ready to go!

You can actully change the colors of the "halo" and gauges. I went with the most retro I could get. Go figure.   




  1. A sweet ride, some beautiful heaters, tunes on the stereo and eager minds looking for knowledge. I don't think weekends get much better Kelly.

    1. I don't think they get better than this either.

  2. LOL, boys and their 'toys'... :-) Looks like a sweet ride, even if it's the WRONG manufacturer...

    1. Dude, you have the BETTER toys. I shot them! What? Wrong manufacturer? I beg to differ Sir!

  3. Alice! I love it!

    Oh, no probs w/my weapons, but just got my first CCW renewal this week. Easy as pie in my county, too!

    1. Good on your for the renewal!

      Alice? We shall see. So far so good though!

  4. Fun, fun, fun. Your living the life:)