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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Sad Mustang and Other Random Stuff

So all the cool kids are at Blogarado this weekend. Me? I have a sad Mustang. 

Still lacking a functional Air/Fuel delivery system. Another thing on the list. 

The Easy Off thing? It cleans wood great! Never fear if you visit statley manor, the guest bathroom fixtures will be sweetness and light (uh after I'm done here)!

More to be done, but a marked improvement!

A long time friend sent me this on my birthday this year. It has a place of prominence here. 


A very thoughtful gift! 

Meanwhile winter projects are stacking up. Here is this kit. 

An AM transmitter kit. 

Again tonight I have guests. On both ends of the front porch. I don't know how the builders got all of this wrong, but feathered friends are enjoying it tonight. 

Fall is coming. The Hummingbirds are almost gone after the frenzy of the summer. There is an occasional traveler late on the journey that stops by on the feeder. 

The sun sits differently now. Shadows and light are a subtle reminder that winter is coming. 


  1. Carb rebuild?

    And is that a 289?

    1. Yes, carb rebuild.

      Oh, most definitely yes, it is a 289! Love this little motor.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! I will take pics when I am done.

  3. Is that a 4 barrel to two barrel adapter plate I see hiding under the shop towel?

    Or just a spacer plate?

    Yeah, the 289 is definitely one of Henry's best! It's so tiny compared to a small-block Chevy.

    And you can fit them into quite a few cars that never had one in the first place.

    Like an AC, or a Miata......:-)

    1. Spacer plate that also provides PVC connection. Intake is original sporting a "C5XX-" part number.

    2. Gotcha!

      I didn't think you were one of "those" people who'd try and stick a 4-bbl on a 2-bbl intake with an adapter!

      Is the intake cast iron or aluminum? I'm guessing it's iron, as I don't ever recall seeing an aluminum one being painted.

      Except, of course, if you're trying to pass of an aluminum high-rise as a "stock" cast iron manifold. Some of my street racer buddies would do that, and it's amazing how oftern it worked.

    3. I would never do that! It is cast iron and sports the C50E-9425-a part number. Ports are 1.80" x .90" Correct for 4V FoMoCo in this year (well maybe). Things were crazy with the Mustang then. Assembly lines were scrounging anything and every thing to get them out the door!

      Amazing on what people would pass off on cars? How about shoe boxes with fiberglass to patch holes in floorboards?

  4. I guess it's a sign of my age that I looked at the first pic & wondered where the carb was, before reading the accompanying text. Rebuilt my first carb while in high school, on my dad's Dodge with the 383. What it accomplished with brute force, your 289 will do with finesse. Like 'em both, in case you couldn't tell. Good luck - and congrats on having sunlight. We haven't seen any in days.

  5. 289's are great little V8s... glad the easy-off worked, I've tried it several times with good results over the years... can't wait to see the4 refinish job...

    Dann in Ohio

    1. Thanks Dann, I will take pics of the Enfield when I am done!

  6. Looks like you have a lot of projects to keep you busy.

    Up here in the north we have more than shadows reminding us that winter is on its way. We fired up the pellet stove last night. Somehow the garden has not been hit yet by any of the hard frosts that have been predicted by the weather forecasters, but it is only a matter of time.

  7. That wood looks great! And you need a pair of 750CFM Holley's sitting on a nice 'little' Edelbrock high Rise for the 'Stang!

    1. A 289 couldn't even use ONE 750, except maybe at some stratospherically high RPM.
      Having the right sized carb on a small engine like that is critical!
      My best buddy back in Illinois had a warmed over 327 Chevy in his 64 Corvette. He wondered why it ran so poorly with the 850 double-pumper he had on it. I went to the local speed shop, and bought a 650 double-pumper, and told him to try it, If he liked it, he could pay me, otherwise I'd take it back to my shop and store it.
      That motor came ALIVE with the smaller carb!
      Smoth idle, instantaneous throttle response, pulled like a locomotive to 6500 RPM, and got DOUBLE the gas mileage.
      We didn't care too much about mileage back then, but it was nice to be able to stand next to the car and be able to breathe!