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Friday, November 2, 2012

Weekend! With a Special Event!

Today at work and at home the sound of radial engines in the sky filled the air.  Take a listen. I did not get the aircraft, but this is an unmistakable sound.  I caught it from my front porch. 

It is that time of year again for the Warriors and Warbirds show at humble airport. I hope I get a chance to get there. 

I have much to do however. First up a long overdue haircut.  Second, a friend called last night from my version of Mordor next county over.  His rental property was broken into this week. Bad part? Rental property is next to his house in the ahem, more upscale area of fair Metropolis. It looks like a trip in to assess and recommend a security system for both properties.  Bad part? The standard "scattered smothered and covered" alarm  from some well known company that will not be named * cough ADT cough* that WAS working AND armed did not go off. 

Next?  The trigger spring has been replaced on this little Browning BDA-380.  It needs testing.


Remember this sad Mustang?  I have to take care of all the older sisters now even more so than ever. They cannot get jealous! Carb is ready to go back on (I hope). 

Oh, I want to get one of these down range to take some video this weekend too.

I hope everyone has a great weekend and remember to change the batteries in your laser equipped firearms! Just like smoke detectors, they are life saving devices!