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Saturday, November 3, 2012

I Have a Surveillance Drone!

So guess what is going down range tomorrow for some live fire video?  This thing that sports an HD camera that stores to a USB drive on board.  It is controlled via iPhone, iPad, or Android device. This is a AR Drone.  I took it outside today, but no USB video was captured.  There is a specific boot up procedure I was not following.  Further testing after dark in stately manor however was rewarded with this. 

It appears that Pearl Harbor was bombed today.  I have some video.

This was from the range parking lot!  I really had a hard time moving here over 20 years ago.  I missed the "City"Guess what. After watching B-24's, P-51's, C-47's and almost any other vintage aircraft from my porch, the range, filling my car up, for once a year I am really happy to be here!