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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Random Stuff

I usually don't talk about politics here. I will make an exception now. Rev. Paul has a great post that comforts me and he has done what many good Shepard's have done and will continue to do so. I remain steadfast in my humble efforts to teach and remind people how much blood has been shed for us to remain free. Remain calm and carry on as they say.

Ok, enough of that.  Murphy's Law gave up some wood that needed some attention for the SMLE No. 1, Mk III. I ran it through some attention and at first blush I think I am done.  What do you think?

I cannot wait to try these out.  From the shelf of misfit ammo I suppose.


Ok, time for random stuff. 

That pretty much sums it up right there! 

Oh, horse blanket! 


And yes it does say "front" on it. Sigh.... Casual friends have asked why it is not in the garage. I tell them it has not earned the right.  True friends know why.  Once a Mustang looks like this, the newer Sister has not earned the right to stay in the garage. 

The red one in the previous picture is this one.


  1. Ain't nothing "misfit" about the venerable .303 round. You wait and you'll see...

    1. Murph, I don't doubt that at all, but for me right now the ammo is on my "really don't shoot it much" shelf. I have no range here to do nothing else than function check at 25 yards.

      I will be up there to see how all of this works and I cannot wait! Sure you don't want anything for the wood now? =)

  2. Thanks for the link, my friend. I wish I still had a Mustang to work on, but - alas - my old '65 is long gone.

    1. You are welcome Rev! I have had some Mustangs come and go, but some seem to hang around.

  3. Ouch, yeah that's going to take some work to clean up... And that wood is looking good!

  4. That wood is hitting seriously beautiful.