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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Ah. Back in the Day!

Way back when I worked for "THE PHONE COMPANY". The Bell System. I was there when it was broken up so that I no longer worked for Western Electric, but now AT&T Network Systems. That became Lucent Technologies, but I was long gone before that happened. 

Yeah this pretty much sums up the attitude around there then.

I thought it was pretty amusing when my friend commented on a recent Blog post that he crossed up some 1400 phone lines. 

Dude. Take out one of these. While you are wearing the happy name badge that says "Network Systems".


Yeah, there went Peoria! 

I still have some documentation around here.

I don't know WHY I keep it around though! 




  1. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

  2. LOL, actually THAT 5ESS was what I was replacing... Total replacement with a G-3 1200 trunks, SONET upgrade, 29,000 extensions, all fiber backbone (from flat fiber to 24 strand 55nm, and 911 upgrade... And did it in four months, on schedule AND on budget...

  3. Love the issue number on the drawing, a number and a letter. Wonder if they ever made it up to 10?

  4. Thought you guys used one of them hand crank phones.