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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Some assembly required....

So I get a belated Birthday gift today from my parents. We have never been date specific on anything anyway. A joke about shutting the Cracker Barrels now as a goal now struck a nerve. 

A rocker to replace the well worn one on the porch. 

In case you were wondering, the big black thing upper right in the pic is a variable ratio power steering gear from a '71 Mustang. Is toast. 

The other thing to arrive today is this:

This will present a bigger DIY project. I love the fact that it is load side switching and does not require a true and formal sub panel from the main breaker box. The fact that I have an obsolete panel makes this even more useful. The problem now is the Darwin award winning redneck call of "hey y'all watch this" that has forced OSHA to mandate that the neutral and ground be bonded on the generator. That immediately makes this useless as the neutral and ground are bonded in the breaker box. Add the fact that you need to do some simple math. 

I am leaning toward a Briggs and Stratton or a Generac for the generator. I'm holding on a 9Kw peak, 8Kw load. 

Now however, the lawyers will not tell you how to put the gen set on a floating neutral. No worries however. If it has wires, I can figure it out. 

Oh, this looks cheesy enough to be entertaining. It's not here yet.



  1. That will get the job done for you Kelly; I haven’t gone that route though, choosing instead to run two pigtail extension cords. One goes upstairs, the other remains in the basement. If I had a larger, less noisy generator I’d go with your option, as it stands I’m going to lay in a half dozen marine batteries and inverters and build up from there.

    1. SP, I really appreciated your post earlier on this matter, but I have so much cover from trees to make solar useless. I also do not have the storage capacity for batteries. Everything that is considered sensitive electronics has true UPS service. I think I will be OK.

  2. Nothing wrong with that rocker a little paint won't fix :-) I've got one in my living room that is going on 80 years old!

    1. NFO, the old one has a broke runner on the bottom. You can sit in it but the first time you lean back you will be on the floor.

      80? Wow.

  3. Making fun of Palin? Nazis on the moon?

    Looks like a Futurama episode, except not funny.