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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Arisaka Just Got Bumped a Notch!

Remember this post? The Arisaka Type 38, Nagoya Arsenal (1923-1945), Series 26. Serial # 8XXX, ca.1933-ca.1940 for 0-99,999 #'s. 

I am still getting borepatches that look like this out of it. 

So I call my friends to let them know that I am of the opinion that this rifle is worth far more in its current condition. Field strip, clean and oil is all it is getting from me. Any further ministrations and I fear I will lessen the value of this rifle. 

Then they raise the bar. They say they have the Bayonet for it! They bring it. 

Oh, WITH Scabbard? Really!?!?!

I am not a historian. I am not a Gunsmith, nor did I stay at a Holiday Inn last night either. I think this is the real deal.

All this rifle is getting from me is a simple clean and go.

Does anyone have a ball park on the price of this rifle with newly discovered accoutrements? It's not for sale, nor will I charge the people that own it for my humble ministrations. They have a story on where it came from. Remember this tomorrow. It's not "the 4th", its Independence Day. Our Grandfathers faced these type weapons and won. How sad that few remember the cost then and the ongoing cost now of those that serve in the defense of this Country. It is now Bread and Circuses for the masses. 



  1. That's a Murphy's Law question for sure. I just know that I have both Arisaka and bayonet and it fires. Fires right nice. if ammo wasn't so expensive it would go out more.

  2. Based on what you've told me, $500-$600 easily. Type 38 rifles are valued higher than the more common Type 99. Bayonets and scabbards are easy to come by, but that leather scabbard frog--now that's worth something right there.

    Keep working the crud out of that barrel, though. You won't hurt it's value any, and a nice, shiny bore only increases it as well as stopping the slow corrosion that's probably going on in there.

  3. I'll bet that rifle could really tell some stories!