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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Random Saturday Stuff

So I go to the range today fully expecting to shoot the S&W 4006. Did not happen. First up a range Pistol. 

Colt Walther 1911 Rail Gun in .22 caliber is sporting a broken slide stop. Sigh.... 

Previous students from Concealed and Basic pistol came and went all day. One of them presented me with this:

Sigh.... They reported failure to feed, failure to fire, and the magazine falling out. My first response in my head is "yeah and your point is?" New HiPoint. I do not understand how the carbines work well and these, not so much. Anywho, it might just be the fact it needs cleaning and some lube. 

On the way home I stop by the local Stop and Rob for some adult fermented beverages. I notice to the left of me in the parking lot a black Honda civic with two attractive females in it. The one on the passenger side appears to be in her mid forties and looks pretty hot. The one driving is much younger. The one on the passenger side is smiling at me as I get out of the car. I smile back. I am open carrying and as I get out of the car she sees it. When I get back from the store they are still there. Now, I get into a bit of "oh crap" awareness. The passenger window goes down on the Honda and they are parked next to me. The first words out of her mouth sorta help to put me at ease.

The driver is not coming out of the car, nor is anyone else approaching after a quick 360 assessment. "Is that a 9 or a 40" she asks. I tell her a 9 and she immediately tells me her Daughter (driving) and her are going to get their concealed carry permits because her Husband has one (I die a bit inside on hearing that). They say they are members of a local Pistol and Rifle club and we continue to chat. They were not aware of my home range and told them I will be teaching CCH next Sunday. 

Both comment on the "cool rig and awesome holster". I have to agree. It is awesome if I say so myself:


I give them one of Michael's cards and one of mine. The Mother notes that the stitching matches the Pistol. She thought that was "cool as hell".

They leave and perhaps I will see them next week in Concealed Carry class.How cool is it I can have someone asking the caliber of my Pistol in the parking lot of a store? We are winning. The clerk in the store tells me that many have asked if I am a Cop. His standard joke now is "I did not sell Cigarettes to the underage person! Don't shoot!". He also says here have a Hot Dog and stick around. I don't. Open carry without active retention on the Holster is something to be aware of. 

I retreat to the Fortress of Solitude and perhaps I can shoot the 4006 tomorrow.


  1. Cool encounter in the parking lot. Awesome, in fact. :)

    1. Shepard, That was awesome! It put a lot into perspective. Glad it happened. Nice people vs. situational awareness while OC.

  2. It's good they are aware, as you are.

  3. Maybe you'll get a couple of students out of the exchange! :-)