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Tuesday, July 24, 2012


So after a busy weekend we attend to pedestrian domestic chores. One or two have cropped up:

This Wiper arm on the 1966 Mustang has decided to go to the dark side. Nothing I can do with a Dremel and magic polishes works. Hey no biggie, get a new one right? 



Out of stock. 

Ok, hows everything else? Turn her over and no joy. Starting fluid works and then no fuel. 


Fuel pump and hose feeding it are not what they used to be. Noticed this while trying to start the car too:

Found the little missing trim piece on the floorboard. Another sigh. 

I should expect such stuff. Although the car LOOKS brand new, it has been 20+ years since it was taken apart and put back together. Some things wear with time, not miles.  Set the wayback machine for some cheap therapy circa 1990:

Well that helps! I don't look like this any more either:

In retrospect that might be a good thing! The 1971 suffers from the same thing as the '66. Few miles, a long time. I fear I suffer from both!

Oh, and the tree rat condominium in the front yard suffered a structural failure last night:



Something to add to the list! 

And another thing. Remember this?

Branded as a Colt .22 caliber 1911 rail gun. I was wrong, its a Umarex instead of Walther. Called them and Sigh....  "We are out of slide stops, call back next week". Really? The standard 1911 stop will not work in this thing. How about you take my name and address and ship me one when you get them? Hell are they organically grown in a South America jungle or something?


  1. I want to know when you did look like a chick with blond hair.

    1. Zing! Got me on that one! LOL!

      Its a friend of mine and the picture was taken some 20+ years ago right when the car was restored.

  2. Ouch... :-) She got ya with that one... And yeah, old cars, like old guns need maintenance on occasion!