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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Music Question!

I don't get out much. I do have a question on some intro music for MidwayUSA's new series Gun Stories though. Super sharp people are here so I thought I would ask. There is no credit at the end of the show for it. So what is it and what are they saying?

Here is the storied machine gun featured tonight.

Forgive the primitive video capture. I just can't justify getting something to jack straight into the system. I used a video camera to grab it from the TV. 

Here is tonight's star.


I can name THIS tune in two notes! 


  1. Perhaps this will shed some light:

    1. Not as much as I would like but better than nothing! Thanks BC.

  2. NO idea, and good video. You can really 'see' the rise looking from the rear as he fires full auto and it stands him up!

    1. Thanks NFO. I will not spend the money on direct HDMI capture to digital media just for posting here.

      Yep! Any full auto will rise on ya. I don't care how good you are. Physics are a bitch!

    2. Oh, your friend at C&S is routinely interviewed on this show. He needs to build me a 1911!

  3. Replies
    1. No problem! Hope you liked the Thompson though!

  4. By Wagner
    Ride of the Valkyries
    If not, it is something by Wagner
    It was in Apocalypse Now.

    If it is not Ride of the Valkyries, it is something by Wagner, I am almost positive.

  5. Send them an email.
    Most production companies are more than happy to answer questions about the material they use to put a show together.
    I sent an email to the BBC once asking what was the music they used as their "incidental" music (between clips and such), and they sent a very nice email back, also asking what my address was so they could send me some "promotional" material.
    I not only got a lovely magazine, but a full 60 minute CD of ALL their incidental music!

  6. I think it is something like Clannad (Gaelic) or maybe Adiemus. However, I am leaning toward Lisa Gerrard. You may have to hunt a bit for it.

    I don't think it is Wagner as I am familiar with much of it...