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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Another use for this:

What a wonderful device! It has multiple functions! I did not know that it could serve as it did today.

Long time blog readers know I have had it out for some time. So doorbell rings today and although all of the ROE's are standing, a young campaign volunteer wants to know if they could put a sign in my yard for an  incumbent State Senator. I looked at the young lady and pointed behind her to the above. Just like Holy Water to a vampire she backed up and said: "You are one of them!" and retreated quite quickly!

Wow, what a great multifunction tool! Shame she did not have the acumen to tell me why I should vote for her chosen candidate.


  1. Rofl. Multi-tasking flag there. She didn't stick around because she feared you had wooden stakes to go along with the holy water.

  2. LOVE IT! :-) I gotta remember that one...

  3. @B.- It was really funny! You should have been here. Almost as much fun as the time I was teaching my Aunt basic pistol at her house and an City LEO knocked on the door!