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Monday, October 18, 2010

An Open Letter

Dear Mother of an adorable 12-14 year old girl that rode up to my porch on a bicycle as nightfall was approaching yesterday.

Your daughter was riding on one of the most heavily traveled two lane east-west connectors in the county with a speed limit of 55 for vehicles. She had no helmet or lights on the bike. She asked where a supermarket was some distance away so you could pick her up. I told her to call you and let me speak to you. She replied she had no phone! I got one and gave it to her. I spoke with you and told you where I was and you could pick her up here, but for some reason that was not acceptable. You knew where a convenience store was that thankfully was less than a quarter mile from here. You said you would pick her up there.

Your daughter thankfully came to my house looking for help. She may not have been so lucky at another. So are you:

A)    Crazy
B)     Stupid
C)    Ignorant of the dangers in the world today
D)    All of the above

In one small measure I will give you she was very polite. That is about all I can say for your parenting skills.

In a previous generation I would have stuck her bike in the trunk and took her to the store or home, but that is equally dangerous for me nowadays.

So after she left I went to the store to make sure she arrived safe, and stayed until you picked her up. Your daughter and you did not even know I was there. You are welcome!  

You are an IDIOT!



  1. It is a shame people do not have to go thru the same requirements to be a parent as they do for their CCW. It might help to eliminate the onslought of this kind of idiots!!!!!!!
    You are one of the goog guys.

  2. The answer to the question would be DDD, WTH are parents thinking these days? When you think about so many things that could have went wrong in this situation! I'm so glad it was your house she showed up at..."A true Gentleman"

  3. She was lucky to have picked your home for help. You are super good man. You covered her mom's parenting skills quite well.

  4. Your a good man Charlie Brown ... "D" all of the above.

  5. Oh, my gawd, if that isn't scary I don't know what is!

    I do let my kids go around the block to play with their friends, but we are in a township with a detached subdivision. there are about four blocks of houses and nothing else but the river and cornfields.

    Also, you better believe I check on them at least hourly and I also went through the sheriff's offender database.

  6. @ All- Thanks for the kind words. I was sort of surprised when a female answered the phone. I really thought she had run off to meet some predator she met on the interwebs. Nope!

    The really rattling thing for me was I just got home from teaching the CCH class. I was "hot" and there were still "training aids" in the car.

    It was a very challenging mental exercise for me to have this person here! I am glad it worked out as far as it went.