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Friday, October 8, 2010

Fleetwood Mac - Crystal

Brigid has posted a poem that is truly moving.I do not have the skills to tell any story in my life that well. I will offer my humble counterpart based on the skills of others:

This video is from the "White Album" of Fleetwood Mac released in 1975. What many may not know is that Buckingham and Nicks released this song on an album in 1973 before joining Fleetwood Mac.

The album has not been released as a CD. I just happened to have a copy and love the album cover. The young passion in the songs is something I will always treasure:

The coloring on the album cover is an artifact from the camera. Looks like I need to start another hobby, photography!


  1. Fleetwood Mac is always good for memories.

  2. A Beautiful song Kelly! Thanks for sharing..Although I'm not so sure about your new hobby..(-:

  3. Unfortunately, that album will probably never make it to digital media. Lindsey Buckingham has blocked every effort to do anything with it and has offered no explanation for doing so. I expect his acrimonious split with Stevie Nicks is probably the reason, though they supposedly mended fences a while ago.

  4. @ Steve Long time to hold a grudge, huh!