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Friday, October 15, 2010

New Shooter on the Line!

So, this weekend is all about new shooters and new concealed carry people. Great! I love to dispel the myths about handguns and teach people how to safely handle them and legally use them if needed. They are not  Hollywood "death rays" and Brigid succinctly notes that: "when someone is shot, it's not like TV where they get flung across the room, crumple up in a little dead heap on there floor."

The most important safety device on a handgun is your brain. For the geek part of me firearms are a very mature technology and although you can hang more "Bells and Whistles" on them, they all follow the same basic mechanics of operation that have been in place for a very long time.

So for this weekend I chose this picture to keep everything in perspective as I look at the Glocks, XD's and assorted new hardware I will be presented with this weekend. It all works the same when you get down to it. The only variable in the operation is the human in this equation.
I do feel this personally. I want legal owners of handguns to be safe and not impugn those of us that have come before them.

So here is the anti climatic gun p0rn:


  1. Good Luck this Weekend With your classes..Hope all goes well! Have Fun!

  2. How did your regular gun safety class go?