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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Today's Experiment

I actually had both of these items on my person for some length of time today. Could they peacefully coexist? Would the time-space continuum be ripped? Well none of that happened, but the little Colt decided to go to slide stop with every shot today with my Shooting Buddy. A mild protest perhaps?

So I will not get to try the obverse of this next week, teaching a basic pistol and concealed carry class. Have to wear the happy "instructor shirts".

Oh, MALF was identified as the slide stop spring. I hope it is repaired and will test tomorrow.

When I get a chance however I will try this:

A little S&W Model 34-1 and a Colt shirt. I will let you know how it goes unless there is a rip in the fabric of time-space!


  1. Good Luck with your classes next week Kelly! Hope your new students enjoy your class as much as I did......Psst! Your bubby may have just been wearing the wrong shirt today! lol

  2. @stopsign- Thanks!

    @Supi- Please try the fish, be here all the week, LOL!

    @Brooke- Thanks, I like them very much!

  3. Kelly, I have a question is the gun in the bottom pic. Is that a 38 special? And also does this one have a 5 or 7 round capacity? By the pic. thats what it looks like to me. Am I right? or even close? I like the size of it.

  4. @stopsign- It is a .22 caliber and the one you shot for your class! A .38 Special snub nose would be very close to this in size.