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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Retro Sunday- The Mustang GT

Here is a commercial for the Mustang GT. There is one here and pictures will follow on another Sunday. Rear sights became loose on the Colt today. Sigh.... I think I will upgrade from the black iron trench sights to the Trijicon stuff.

Enjoy! I hope everyone has a great week! Stay safe!


  1. When I was in high school I had the biggest crush on a guy with a red 65 mustang. Didn't matter that he was a band nerd and a honor student, my Dad took one look at the car and said "you are NOT dating him".

  2. Ouch! That hurts! Geek all the way in high school. I drove a '71 Mach I then. I think I would NOT want to fall on the bad side of your father!

    This little '66 was not acquired until the mid eighties! It was toast. Yes it is red and I laugh at the "GT stripes". I have a pic of me putting the interior together and the guy that painted it in 1990 putting the "stripes" on it at the same time.

    So, wheel up in the Jaguar perhaps to meet the father? LOL!

  3. Neat!

    A friend had a dark green '67 coupe. I recall it being a sweet ride, and sprightlier than the little 289 2-bbl should feel.

    (WV: "messity" It didn't have a limited-slip rear end, so power-braking it would only make a messity smoke with one tire.)

  4. Back in '67, the married couple neighbor across the street bought one Mustang. They drove it around for a month and liked it so much they bought another Mustang the following month.

    Sorry to hear the rear sight came loose.

  5. AH, there's just nothing like a Mustang! :)

    One day, I will have one...

    Trijicon sites? Niiiiice...

  6. Makes me nostalgic for the '66 Mustang Coupe that I left New Orleans with. WHY did I ever sell that car?

  7. @Me-I have bought and sold several and I can still remember them all and I reach reach the same conclusion. Welcome!