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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Retro Sunday- The Mustang GT Part II

Lets start with this:

Nice little Walter Mitty thing going on. I have this car and have never had pheasant under glass!

For now we have this Mustang acquired in 1989. 23 years of life have not been kind to it.

Looks ok from this angle right?

Not so much from this one. Our famous fold down rear seat and trap door to the trunk is not looking so hot. Nor is the front of the passenger compartment:

Yep, that is an Audiovox AM-FM 8-Track in the dash. This means the metal was hacked to make it fit.

Now we see some real problems. The fact that a magnet will not stick anywhere on this LH quarter panel is really troubling. Much more so because the car is sitting low on this rear.

Here is a rear shot:

So the journey begins on this car. I am proud to say that from this state to a show winning car was accomplished in less than a year!  The photo journal from this state to this one will continue next Retro Sunday! PS. We took some "Artistic license" during restoration. The red one below is this car.

Bowling pins and dueling tree tomorrow!

Happy Halloween to everyone and I hope everyone has a great week!


  1. Niiiice!

    Happy Halloween to you, too!

  2. That's a lot of work there. I am looking forward to the pics next Sunday.

  3. Nice, Can't wait to see the end results! BTW Whats a dueling tree?

  4. It's been a long time since I knew anything about this...

    Didn't the first gen Mustangs have problems with the area around the top of the rear shock towers rusting out? Is that what you meant about the list to port?

    How does that get fixed if it happens?

  5. @Tam- First gen had problems with people hacking the front shock towers to attempt to grease the upper control arms. Seen a lot of that. Have not observed the rear shock towers having problems. I have run across a lot of rear frame rail and cowl problems. The rear quarters always rust.

    This particular car was hit hard left rear in a previous life. Repair consisted of beating in the original qtr panel and skinning with 3.2K lbs. of bondo. The left rear frame rail was beat back into "close enough and looks good from my house" condition. The left rear spring was beginning to migrate to the trunk. The weight and frame rail accounted for the list to port.

    Almost any part on these now can be had new and as long as you have a pile of Benjamens and someone that can run a MIG welder, you can rebuild one from a data plate and a title :) (Actually the official VIN stamped on inner front fender. Order a new data plate!)

    Pics next week of the truly invasive surgery!

    PS- Oh, you command quite the audience young lady! Tamalance! Book awaits your return.

  6. I had a guy show up for a date in high school driving a very well restored 65 mustang. Dad forbid me to go out with him.

    I don't think it was because he was in a band (he is now the bass player in a band that has several albums out). It wasn't the long hair.
    (he was an honors student). It was the Mustang.

  7. @B.- Oh crap! I still drive a 1994 Mustang! It is my daily ride! I can pull another ride out if needed to not put your Father on edge, LOL! I have a seriously derided '02 Jag, but pretentious does not work for me (Except when valet parking is looking at a mysterious third pedal on the floor and something that does not say "PRNDL" on the stick shift!)

    The '67 Caddy does not fit in current parking spaces either! I would not let anyone drive the convertible anyway!