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Monday, May 3, 2010

Let your freak flag fly!

I can hear it now. Here in suburbia we have secretly replaced a pedestrian state flag on this humble abode with something a bit more interesting:

I mean really. One of the first colonies and no cool motto (Esse Quam Videri) as compared to say Virginia (Sic Semper Tyrannis) Or cool flag; Virginia and Tennessee come to mind.

But we can spice it up a little with this:

Oh, bad shot. Here is a closeup:

I can almost hear the neighbors now: "Look Nellie, we had such high hopes for the young man on the corner when he moved in. It appears that unfortunately he is a knuckle dragging mouth breather right wing nut job however. Property values will suffer for this!"

Go vote tomorrow!


  1. What a lovely place you have for hanging flags. :)

  2. @phlegmy,

    Why thank you! Only some 300 more payments and its all mine! I have checked on your progress with the house and I must say yours has much charm! Mine does not! Much more oh crap stuff here! It was built in 1986. Love the place and neighborhood, close to work and such but damn!

    Water heater, roof, heat pump, deck, well pump, garage door, tree removal and such have taken priority so far. But, I am also severely decorating impaired.

    One female friend came down to visit and said: "This place looks like a Radio Shack, Best Buy and an electronic museum blew up and it all ended up here!" That's probably true!
    I would love some decorating advise, the place has hideous green carpet. The same stuff. Everywhere except the kitchen. Yeah. bathrooms too! That has to go!

    Send you pics?