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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Can you spare a dime?

Seems that the good guys sometimes need some help.
Well, last night was a bad night to be a bad guy in the armed robbery profession, as reported by KPTM Fox 42. Apparently two masked bad guys walked into a Walgreens in North Omaha and declared that this was indeed a good place for a stickup. Bad Guy #1 was armed with a shotgun and pointed it not only at the register but at the customers. Walgreens turned out to be a poorly chosen location for the thuggery business when they leveled their firearm on 32 year-old Harry McCullough, an average citizen. An armed, average citizen. Harry, after being threatened with deadly force, pulled out his heater and proceeded to ventilate Bad Guy #1 who was operating the shotgun. Bad Guy #1, 18 year-old Marquail Thomas, fled from the scene, collapsed outside the drug store, and later died at the hospital. Bad Guy #2, 17 year-old Angelo Douglas, was held at gunpoint by Mr. McCullough until the Omaha Police responded to the call and arrest Bad Guy #2.

Ok, so far so good, but: "Since Mr. McCullough’s Smith & Wesson pistol was taken by the Omaha Police Department and now lives in the OPD evidence room, it could be up to a year before Harry gets it back, if he ever does. In an effort to help Harry defend himself since his carry gun has been confiscated, The Nebraska Firearm Owners Association is taking up donations and has arranged with a local Omaha Federal Firearms Dealer to replace Harry’s pistol at dealer cost. If you’re interested in contributing to replacing Harry’s heater or contributing to his legal defense fund, head on over to the NFOA website. Harry potentially saved the lives of the other customers in that Walgreens, and now after choosing to do the right thing, he has swelling legal fees and a handgun to replace. Please consider giving; even $10 would help."

I'm in for ten!

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