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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Stupid. Part Two!

So yesterday I get a Property Tax Bill from Union County. Looks like this:

The previous form and all of that was for the 1971 Mustang, not the 1966. This is a property tax bill for it. REALLY?!?! So I call the mentioned Sr. Property Tax whatever and guess what. Have to leave a message. They call back. The first voice mail says they got my paperwork and to disregard the bill. HELLO! We are talking about two different Autos here! Shortly after that she finds her error and leaves another message. I seem to have never returned the form for the 1966. I tell her I never got one and all of this is not legal under NC General Statutes. Could she please explain why I have to fill out the County form? *Crickets, crickets*. Finally she has decided she is done talking to me and says she will send a form out for the 1966. I ask where she got the value for it and she said she valued it as a condition 4 and that is what the computer said. As predicted! Lady, I assure you this car on the grading scale is at least a 2 pushing a 1.



  1. She's checking off the boxes; logic & common sense don't enter into decision-making at the county level. Or State or federal, but those are posts for another day...

  2. Hell, don't let her change the value, that would mean the taxes would go UP! And all this 'does' sound a tad fishy... Kinda like what Fairfax pulled up here a few years ago, with a county 'surcharge'...

    1. I should not have to pay ANY taxes on this auto, nor have I for years. Yes, it does smell!