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Friday, August 30, 2013

Dear Colt Manufacturing.

There is one thing I will not do to a 1911. It is replacing the ejector. I am a competent armorer but I am no gunsmith. 

So today I get a package from here:

The famous Blue Dome. A storied company and a rich heritage that is interwoven into the making of this country. 

Guess what. Inside was this:

A generic (to most) Combat Commander. Made back during the infamous UAW strike in the mid 80's. To me it is priceless for where it has been and was always there.  I don't trust "gunsmiths" around here and if it was not such a storied handgun I would have attempted the repair.

So here is my problem. As Larry Correia states on his blog about H&K customer service: "Because you suck. And we hate you". This seems to be the mantra at Colt now. They had the 1911 since 5/29. They sent a letter via USPS on 7/1 for cost of repair. How quaint. Hey CMC! Ever heard about Email?!? 

Payment for repair was made the next day. Now finally the pistol is back. Colt, S&W just put out a recall on one of it's top selling Pistols last week. They state if you send it back it will be returned in five to seven days. I paid for the shipping back to you. Insured and all of that it came to 100 bucks and some change. 

Really Colt! I love your products but as I peruse the shelf's of oh, house of geese and anywhere else, I fear you have given up on the consumer market.

A profound statement from my friend after he did this

So, when the old dudes die will anyone remember Colt? 

I have to say that is an excellent question.  

Colt, I cannot pay 600 bucks for a .380 Mustang you made in the 80's. I can get a Ruger LCP for 250 less. Either get out of the consumer market or go away.The current state of Colt saddens me.


  1. Sounds like Colt is catering to rich collectors now, much as the makers of the Winchester are doing.

  2. Yep, sad state of affairs, and I think that might be one reason for the old Colts bringing so much money. THEY were quality pieces.

  3. Yeah. They're pathetic!


    1. That truly sucked wind. I expected better from them.

  4. Yes and the ser. 80 SUCKS and cannot be made to NOT SUCK . I gave up on Colt when they put plastic parts in the 1991a1. For 600$ less I got a Taurus that's just as good (RIA is just as good now).

    1. I normally don't reply to Anonymous comments, but I will say this. You can remove the parts that make a series 80 and turn it into a series 70 functionally.

      Gee, the Marine 1911 model 45 has no plastic parts in it!

      Like the Taurus? Cool! Have fun with it!