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Saturday, August 10, 2013

An Old Friend and A New One.

So I'm carrying a Colt Defender for the Summer. The Pistol requires a spare magazine for carry IMHO and I have contacted Michael over at the The Holster Site for a custom rig that will hold a spare mag and a Surefire Defender E2D flashlight. 

In the meantime I am honored to whip this out. 


It was issued to a friend, a coworker back in the late eighties. He is no longer with us. A Gentleman Farmer and a really wonderful Father, Grandfather, and coworker. He did not say much about this magazine holder, he just gave it to me.  He was old enough to have been in the jungle. I wish he would have told me about this piece of leather.

So for tomorrow I will represent old school in memory of him.