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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Behold Mother Nature's Work

A pile of industrial controls one second, a pile of junk the next! Lightning is a formidable opponent.

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  1. Ah, man, sorry. Friend of mine has his house zapped a few weeks ago...fried everything. Insurance paid. Components restored. Guess what happened during the next storm....

  2. Looks like a long day's work there Kelly!! Keep breathin' sir - keep breathin'!

  3. We had a lightning strike on a utility pole out by the road near us a few years back... lost a lot of devices... two electric garage door openers, two TV's, a dvd/vcr, cordless phone, microwave, and other items... not a good day... for you either...

    Dann in Ohio

  4. Had a lightning strike at work a few years ago. It did not hit the high in the air water tower that has complete lightning protection. It hit a tree many feet lower than the tower. The tree that had its roots next to and around a 100 pair telephone line. The magic smoke escaped out of many expensive things.