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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sigh... .gov is .gov everywhere!

So here at stately manor we receive a document from the Tax assesor. Here it is in all of its glory:

First, you addresed the envelope to me and yet refer to me on this letter as "Customer"?!?!? No, I'm not a customer, just someone that must meet your convoluted demands for more paper work to maintain a lower tax rate on a 42 year old car! If I do not, you will run some random number generator and  decide what the car is worth and tax me on that amount.

Second, what the hell is a "Personal Property Sr. Specialist"? I would LOVE to see the job description for that! 

Third, I'm not a "Past Owner" or "New Owner". I'm a CURRENT owner! 

I do love the fact that the form I am supposed to fill out asks for the VIN number AND A COPY OF THE TITLE! Earth to .gov. The VIN is on the title! Second, I am to report the current odometer reading. Gee, you want the original odometer reading that is sitting on a shelf in the garage or the one I put in the car back in 1984? LOL! I proudly reported a mileage of 90K and some change. Throw another 200K on top of that and you might be getting close. 




  1. To be fair to Union County, these stupid regulations are coming out of the statehouse.

  2. Bob, I beg to differ. Here is the NCGS Statute and it has not changed.

    (a) Definition. For the purpose of this section, the term "antique automobile" means a motor vehicle that meets all of the following conditions:

    (1) It is registered with the Division of Motor Vehicles and has an historic vehicle special license plate under G.S. 20‑79.4.

    (2) It is maintained primarily for use in exhibitions, club activities, parades, and other public interest functions.

    (3) It is used only occasionally for other purposes.

    (4) It is owned by an individual.

    (5) It is used by the owner for a purpose other than the production of income and is not used in connection with a business.

    (b) Classification. Antique automobiles are designated a special class of property under Article V, Sec. 2(2) of the North Carolina Constitution and must be assessed for taxation in accordance with this section. An antique automobile must be assessed at the lower of its true value or five hundred dollars ($500.00). (1995, c 512, s 2; 2009‑445, s. 24(a).)

    Here is the NCGS 20-79.4 Statute that defines "Antique Auto"

    Historic Vehicle Owner. - Issuable for a motor vehicle that is at least 35 years old measured from the date of manufacture. The plate for an historic vehicle shall bear the word "Antique" unless the vehicle is a model year 1943 or older. The plate for a vehicle that is a model year 1943 or older shall bear the word "Antique" or the words "Horseless Carriage", at the option of the vehicle owner.

    NOWHERE in this statue does it state I must tell the County how often I drive it, how many miles I do annually, nor report the odometer reading. I stand by my reasoning that this is another unlawful attempt to grab more money.

  3. "I'm from the government, and I'm here to help."

    Yeah, right.


  4. And the wonk that collects this stuff probably never reads it - just files it away.

  5. The mindless droids in the county courthouse don't care what the facts are; they just want to complete their checklists.

    Someday I'll have to post about my years in county gummint. (Hint: we didn't get along well.)

    1. I would like to subscribe to your newsletter =)

  6. O.M.G... The ones from VA moved south... I get the same idjit crap up here, for the SAME frikkin truck I've owned since 2009, and I'm STILL getting paperwork on the car I traded in then (and notified them of THREE times).

    1. Yeah they are here, I never thought they would be though. Good luck with that NFO!