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Friday, August 9, 2013

The "M" Stands for Marketing!

So last weekend I had two students that wanted to get all up into some .380 mouse guns. They are gearing up for my concealed carry class and took my Basic Pistol class the previous month. They also requested if possible to shoot a Springfield XD in 9mm. My good friend has a XD-M and let me borrow it. I of course had to clean it though! 

My students liked the Colt Mustang the best for the trigger but were freaked out on the whole "carry locked and cocked" issue. They settled on the S&W Bodyguard and hey, I told them the difference between SA and DA so I did not belabor the issue. The fact that the Bodyguard has a horrid trigger to me does not matter as an instructor (it takes a LONG time to get this in your head). You present and they decide. If they are comfortable with it, can shoot it, I'm a happy guy! 

So we get to this:


I have shot them before and although this is a perfectly serviceable Handgun, I was again left with a solid "Meh" feeling. Before any SA people get bent, yeah, OK, according to SA this is different than the plain XD in these areas:

  1. Adjustable backstrap
  2. Match-grade barrel
  3. No trigger pull required for takedown
  4. Trigger supposedly a little better than the XD
  5. More aggressive grip texture for better grip
  6. Grip design change to ease accessibility of mag release
  7. More aggressive slide serrations for better grip
  8. More capacity than standard XD
  9. Triple-position Picatinney rail for more accessory adjustment options

Know what? Don't care. To me the M stands for marketing or more money.

Disclaimer: I DO own a Springfield, it says "U.S. Rifle" on it though =) 


  1. I guess it really does boil down to "whatever they like & are comfortable with". It's hard to keep that in mind when you're teaching, though.

    1. It is Shepard! I cannot color any instruction with my perceptions. Whatever works for them!

  2. Heh, ANOTHER one I can't shoot worth a damn... NPOA on it is as bad as with the M&Ps... But you did the right thing! Give them the options and let them choose!

    1. Thanks NFO! I have nothing bad to say about it and I have nothing good to say about it either!

    2. Heh, good 'neutral' answer... :-)

  3. I didn't read any of that crap when I bought my Xdm. Or, my Ruger for that matter. I just picked it up to see how it felt in my hands and how it sighted in with my particular body mechanics.
    I like it just fine. I shoot better than fine with it as well.
    I suspect your students like the pistols that fit their hands well - pistols they feel they have better control over.
    Every pistol manufacturer has a marketing department. Talk is cheap.

    1. Sir, let me be plain. I have NO PROBLEM with the XD or XD-M. I feel that they are perfectly serviceable Handguns. I have shot them and repaired the the range rental .40 XD. I have no doubt that if I pick one up and put my boogerhook on the boom switch it will do exactly that!

      I am however a dinosaur. As I said, if the Firearm works for you, GREAT! Me, I can't get my grip or natural NPOA on a Glock or XD. I understand my limitations. Again, they are perfectly serviceable weapons. Just not for me if I have a choice.

    2. Well jeez Keads, sorry man.
      I thought I was agreeing with you.
      The point I was trying to make was that the advertising mumbo jumbo means nothing.
      Seems I struck a nerve there somewhere.
      My apologies.

    3. kx59, I agree with you. No harm, no foul!