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Monday, August 27, 2012

You don't see this every day!

Yesterday was the Bowling Pin match at the range. A young man and his wife show up for the first time. He drove up in this:

Heh, a VW convertible sporting the window sticker above. He ran the steel around six seconds on six targets. Great guy to boot. Gives the story about the bug. I think the thing has more miles under MAC or AMC than rolling! Nice couple and interesting story on the Bug.   

Remember this? I picked up the parts for a rebuild yesterday:

I of course spent the money for the "high performance" rebuild kit. Heaven forbid I choose the "mediocre performance" one.

Remember the Colt Official Police? Well good news and bad here. 15 yards? 

I will take the accuracy, but the thing has a problem. I can't figure out if it is the hand or the bolt. She will shoot, but the cylinder goes too far to the right after shooting locking the action. Moving the cylinder counterclockwise ever so slightly will put it back into battery.  

My I Frame Colt-Fu is lacking. There is an old school app for that though. 

It will be here tomorrow! 

Oh, the Friends of the NRA Dinner? I converted US Currency into this:


Useless paper (wait, almost redundant statement). I had a good time, met a lot of people and this dinner raises 50 to 75K for the NRA Foundation. A good cause and good people. Case in point? We started off with the Pledge of Allegiance. Everyone there knew it.     

Oh, got to play with something that had a fun switch too! Not at the Dinner though!

Got a proof for some business cards before going to the printer today. What do you think?


  1. That full-auto "toy" looks like fun! The biz card looks good, too.

    1. Shepard, the "toy" was fun! I don't think it works on the Quantum Level though (obscure joke on another Blog).

      Thanks on the card. My friend is a Graphic Designer and this was her second attempt.

  2. Nice looking card. There is one thing about the business card that might be a bit confusing to some folks, if it is given to them by someone other than yourself. With the eye makeup on the card, they might think you're a girl. It is unfortunate that girls use the name Kelly as well.

    If you are planning to only give out the cards in person, it should work fine.

    1. Mrs. S.- Thanks for the feedback on the card. I trust my Graphic Designer to create a card that will stand out above the rest.

      You have a valid point in the name, but Kelly is my middle name. This name was handed down to me from my Father and his Father. It is not unfortunate to me that girls may have the same name.

      I find your comment somewhat sexist. I teach many women and make no distinction between the sexes as it relates to running these tools. There is a long running debate on a male dominated activity such as this with valid points made by Females as it should be. I really work hard to make that a non issue.

      Students are simply that to me.

      Thanks for the feedback.

    2. Sorry Kelly,
      I was not trying to be sexist. I was just being precise in a geeky/scientific sort of way. See, gender ambiguity can cause confusion. Back when I had a job that paid me money, I would get occasional calls from people with questions on my designs. With only my initials on the drawings, they quite often assumed I was a man and they were quite surprised when a woman answered the phone.

      The engineering firm would frequently send people out to work at job sites for shutdowns, rebuilds, etc. Sometimes the client would provide the accommodations, and being cheap or housing being in short supply they would have two people share a room in 12 hour shifts. If any of the team happened to be a lady, the engineering firm had to make extra sure that the client knew and that she had her own room to avoid any awkwardness.

      If you have a 250# man show up to your class, and his face falls in disappointment on seeing you, don't feel bad. He was probably expecting a pretty lady like on the business card.

    3. Mrs. S-

      Thanks for expounding on your view. It makes sense, and I brought it up to the designer. She said she was using that shot of the eye to emphasize "Awareness" and to make the card unique.

      We are running as designed. Thanks again!

  3. Nice card. Nice toys, as Rev. said!

  4. More pics of the H&K, please! And the model for your business card...bring her next time you come.

    1. Murph- I wish I could! I have video too. I can't though.

      The model? I would rather bring my Graphic Designer!

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks! It is sorta like my real job. It is broke when you get there. Rule one is don't make it worse, second is fix it!

      I have knowledge in some areas, some not so much. I know if I need to I can reach out here for help. That is profound. For now I will read the book first!

  6. Love the card. My last one was designed by the city. Plain brown.