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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Quote of The Day

I hate to say it but it came from...ME! 

Personal instruction today and I made the comment that I don't like Glocks while we are talking about grip on the Pistol. Student notes on the "I love me" slide I present at the first of the class that I am a Glock Armorer. 

Me: "I don't have to like them to work on them".

Thanks, be here all week and try the fish! 


  1. LOL, if it shoots, I like it (Other than S&W)... :-)

    1. LOL! I do too NFO, I just like some more than others =)

  2. Ya see the problem some folks have with (insert gun brand here) is that they are not evaluating it from the standpoint of efficiency - they are looking at it as an 'art' object or something instead of a tool that is designed for a specific purpose - ie launching a projectile. If the gun meets that criteria for the user, then all else (looks etc) is just icing on the cake.

    1. Anon- I never said the Glock would not work, I simply said I do not like them personally. I like Fords. Would a Chevy get me from point "A" to "B". Sure (well maybe not the Volt). I teach many new shooters on the Glock.

      I just don't like them. Will they work, will I use one, sure.

      I doubt that there will be a Glock Historian 100 years from now researching some Model 17 made "way back when".