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Friday, August 31, 2012

MOLLE Overload! Oh and a S&W Model 30.

So Odysseus over at By Other Means posts today about a MOLLE attachment for Motorcycles.  How timely. I get a lot of uh, ribbing for my current range bag. 

"What the h**l do you have in there?" Uh, a lot. Today this arrived on the door step delivered by the brown truck of happiness. 

Why get another bag for the range? Well, I'm going to a two day class next weekend with A Girl and Her Gun and I have been told it is in a remote location. No time to pop out for lunch. OK. So I need something to hold food and all the other little things you might need for the range. 

Oh, MOLLE stuff! I hope I don't get the sickness and get addicted to that! It looks like a bad problem to have.

Whoops! It has started! 

So now for this. Tam over at View From The Porch posts about everyone taking pictures of pretty much the same Pistol and posting it on the Interwebs. I get that. I am at times embarrassed to throw up pics of my run of the mill hardware.

Not this one though. 


Although the little Smith is rather pedestrian, the engraving stands out to me. Who was Mae Crawley? Was the engraving to lament the passing of a loved one or a declaration of love lost? What motivated someone to have this Revolver engraved so? 

According to the Smith and Wesson Historian, the Model 30 Hand Ejector was introduced in 1896 and fired the .32 S&W Long cartridge. It stayed in production until 1976. This is a nice J Frame Revolver to me. Not so much because of what it is, but because of what it meant to someone. 

It is things like this that make me think there will not be a Glock or Kimber Historian on the payroll with those companies.   

Oh, I just noted that the backpack is "VTAC Field Tested". Oh crap!
I need to check that nothing fly's off of the thing! It has happened before with other VTAC stuff. More important than a backpack too. 

The Fiber Optic left this sight. S&W replaced it but I am still leery.



  1. Yep, picked up the exact same bag before traveling to a course in April.

    Mrs. B - You really need another backpack?? You already have 4 or 5!! (cute little wrinkled forehead indicating mild amusement/frustration).

    Me - Yes sweetie - it's a shooting class, not a camping trip. Time for a new bag!

    Mrs. B - Massive eye twitching, forehead wrinkling . . . . "Yeah - right!!"

    Yep, that's my story - stickin' to it. I decided not to tell her about the 2nd Glock 17 or the 1,500 rounds off ammo I bought. All Glocks look the same - right?????

    Great looking revolver - I love guns with history like that.

    1. Thanks EI! And yes, ALL Glocks look the same =).

  2. I know the feeling, after buying the largest range bag I thought I'd ever need ... I want a bigger one. This one's TOO CROWDED. :)

  3. Interesting piece of history! And you can never have too many bags! :-)

    1. Thanks NFO. Can't wait to get back up there and shoot with you again.

  4. Good Golly Miss Molle.
    Sorry. Couldn't help myself.

    1. LOL! Let me guess, you will be here all week and please try the fish =) Welcome!