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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Oh, its a Phone Too!

I can't leave well enough alone with the iPhone. I found some apps that might be of interest as well as a little accessory to make range time without a training partner a bit more challenging.

First this app. 

You can change all the settings for different targets and speeds. 


I'm not thrilled to give this guy a buck 99 American after his stand on open carry. I need to talk to my developer to see if we can do better. 

The other app is the Surefire shot timer. 

The thing about this timer is that it should be able to calibrate to your shots as opposed to the person next to you on the range. Field testing is warranted! I also hear that if close enough it will detect dry fire. I will let you know. 

This works well.


I am all about less stuff in the range bag though!

So how to get the iPhone stuff to where you can hear it on the range? 

I searched and searched for the Peltor connector that allows you to jack into its audio circuit.


I gave up. Cables are the last bastion of profit for electronic retailers IMHO. I hate to pay for them. I had no luck with Google Fu, and my favorite goto source for everything like this has a 25 buck minimum order. Sigh.... I got one of these. 


Oh, protip! If you are using electronic muffs stick some desiccant in the muffs.

You come off the range sweating and rip these things off as soon as you can. Instead of throwing them in the range bag, wipe them down and stuff a packet in them. They will last much longer! 

Next, we look at jacking iTunes into range time! 



  1. Next time, check monoprice dot com. Your cable would have been about 90 cents, with about 4 dollars shipping.

  2. For as much as I use my iPhone 4 I don't really have a lot of ancillary apps other than a couple news feeds, The Weather Channel, a bartender guide, and IMDB.

    1. I make very few calls on these things so adding functionality is great for me.

  3. Yep, that shot timer IS decent. As long as you're not in a REALLY noisy range, it seems to work fine!

    1. I will take it for a spin in a six lane indoor range and see what happens NFO.

  4. I have that Surefire timer on my 4s, and on a 3G before that. I never have found the magic settings that make it respond perfectly. The audio in an indoor range is a pretty hostile environment. Once or twice, I've been at an outdoor range and had it work perfectly.

    Let me know how it works for you.

  5. Huh. I wouldn't have thought of that!